Steps to Selecting the Best College

July 10, 2018

For many high schools juniors and seniors, selecting a college is the biggest decision they have ever had to make. It can be an emotional decision and of course, a financial one. To find the best college for you takes time and research. There are certainly a lot of steps in selecting a college but […]

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How to Choose Your College Major

June 16, 2018

Bear in mind that whatever subjects you choose in college, you will have to spend a great deal of time learning it. So, it’s advisable to think over it seriously. Typically, the best time to decide on your field of study is right before your 11th grade if you haven’t already. If you already know […]

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Buying College Textbooks

May 17, 2018

Finding an affordable college textbook is becoming increasingly difficult due to soaring prices. There are some textbooks being sold for $200+ dollars. If you’re a student struggling to pay for tuition, the thought of dropping that kind of coin on just one textbook can be excruciating (especially to your bank account). This is why researching […]

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